My name is Xenia. I’m a swiss influencer with an audience of more than 20,000 members of my highly engaged community. On my social media channels I’m sharing the authentic and tasteful way of living, my vision of art and beauty.

 Having a background as an interior designer and digital marketing specialist, I’m passionate about creating aesthetic and genuine content. 

I’ve been working in Finance since years, and, although it could be challenging for a woman to be respected and recognised in this purely masculine field, I succeeded and gained a priceless experience of investment fundamentals, financial instruments and managing funds. 

On my Instagram I’m sharing the precise strategy I’ve developed of investing in your personal brand and carefully choosing the garments you need for your wardrobe, all while saving money and not wasting it on fleeting trends. Let’s create your timeless style together!

I work with individuals as well as with companies and businesses. Based in Geneva, I offer my clients excellent creative services as a photographer and a content creator, on site and on-line all over the world.

You’re kindly invited to leave a request for our future collaboration. Thank you for your time, I’m looking forward to working together on your exciting project!

For all the enquiries you could also send an email directly to xenia.swiss.gva@gmail.com. Please mention the purpose of your request and your contact details, so that we could get back to you shortly.