I like to spend time during my isolation by reading books, which have been waiting on the shelves for soo long!

Also on-line studying is the best way to spend days at home (try ).

Painting is my passion, but you can also find your favorite hobby by trying different activities.

A lot of world famous museums created an interactive guide inside different exhibitions and halls❤️ it’s the best way to have a rest from Netflix 24/7 and to learn something new.

Call your friend with whom you talked to it seems like ages ago.

I prepare postcards for people I love who live in a different parts of the world and also feel stressed about all this situation.

Also I did my house cleaning with my husband! And if you will spend 14 days together you can tell everyone that your relationships are the strongest ones😅 just joking:) But my friends all you need is just to stay at your beautiful cozy home, so please do it, not becoming the reason of someone’s death 🙏

It’s our responsibility and the obligation to stop this shit and support each other❤️🙏

Take care XOXO